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Bristol Robotics Laboratory’s mission is to understand the science, engineering and social role of robotics and embedded intelligence. Their multidisciplinary approach aims to create autonomous devices capable of working independently, with each other, or with us in our human society. There is a close working relationship between BRL and both the University of the West of England and Bristol University.


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RobotManor Farm Engineering was asked to assist with the design and prototype manufacturing of a chassis and legs for the ‘Whiskerbot’ Project which began as a collaborative venture with the Adaptive Behaviour Research Group at the University of Sheffield. The study, funded by EPSRC and referred to as Whiskerbot investigates a biomimetic artificial whisker system which could provide a novel form of robot tactile sensor capable of texture discrimination and object recognition. The project involves mounting an array of actively-controlled artificial whiskers on a mobile robot that will input to biologically-accurate computational models of sensory pathways in the rat brain.