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BloodhoundThe Bloodhound Project



Manor Farm Engineering is proud to be an official product sponsor of the BLOODHOUND Project. This iconic challenge, lead by Richard Noble OBE, aims to create a land speed record car capable of over 1,000mph.


The 12.8m long, 6,422kg (fuelled), jet and rocket-powered vehicle will be more advanced than most spacecraft and literally faster than a speeding bullet. Its 900mm diameter wheels will spin at over 10,000rpm, generating 50,000 radial g at the rim. The car will accelerate from 0 to 1,050 mph in 40 seconds and at V-max (maximum velocity), the pressure of air bearing down on its carbon fibre and titanium bodywork will exceed twelve tonnes per square meter. At this speed, the driver will be covering a distance equivalent to over four football pitches every second, or 50m in the blink of an eye.


Bloodhound Car


Manor Farm Engineering will be assisting the project by machining critical parts of the rocket fuel transfer system and gearbox/clutch from Stainless Steel and other, more exotic, metals.


More details will be revealed as the build progresses.


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